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Can Develop OPC XML DA C++ client in Visual Studio 2015?

23 Sep 2016 06:33 - 23 Sep 2016 06:48 #4363 by Vasanth
Hi Team,

I have just started going through OPC XML DA client in VS 2015 by referring Com based

- ReadMultipleItems
- SubscribeToMultipleItems

as you guys suggested.

I am just stuck up with how to start since i am new to this, as you guys said is it possible to share me ready to go example for OPC XML DA C++ client in VS 2015?

This would be highly appreciated. Thanks for understanding.
Last edit: 23 Sep 2016 06:48 by Vasanth. Reason: FYI, I wanted to create C++ based windows service.

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02 Sep 2016 09:18 #4321 by support
Yes, it is definitely possible to do this with QuickOPC.

We do not have a ready-made example for that at the moment, but you can put it together with the information and examples that are provided already.

Probably best way to start will be by looking at the C++ examples we already ship with the product (when you install the product for "COM Development"), such as:

- ReadMultipleItems
- SubscribeToMultipleItems

They are in the C++ examples solution that is accessible from the Start menu after you install the product.

There are just two things you need to be aware of:

- We ship our examples, intentionally, in Visual Studio 2012 format. You can, however, open them in Visual Studio 2015 and they will build and run just fine.

- The examples I have mentioned use OPC DA. It is easy to modify them for OPC XML-DA: you just need to construct a ServerDescriptor object with the URL of the target OPC server, and pass it to the method. There are examples in other languages (e.g. C#) for that.

If you get into issue with the above, or do not know how to start, let me know, and we will prepare a "ready to go" example of OPC XML-DA client code in C++ that works in VS 2015.

Best regards

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02 Sep 2016 07:49 #4320 by Vasanth

I am new to OPC XML DA, Its possible to develop XML client in VS2015? QuickOPC SDK's can support the same?

I have seen there are OPC XML C++ clients developed in other C++ compilers, but i wanted it on VS 2015.

Please let me your inputs guys.

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