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Please read Rules for forum posts before reporting your issue or asking a question. OPC Labs team is actively monitoring the forums, and replies as soon as possible. Various technical information can also be found in our Knowledge Base. For your convenience, we have also assembled a Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do not use the Contact page for technical issues.

Rules for forum posts

22 Nov 2019 15:13 #8005 by support
Replied by support on topic Rules for forum posts
Additional rules to keep in mind:

* Report every issue you have separately. Do not mix multiple issue into one report. If you think that you issues are related, use links between them.
* Choose the forum category properly.
* Do not add new posts to older, "similar" topics unless you have something to say to precisely that topic. If you think your issue is similar to something else that is already on the forums, use a link to refer to the related post.

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23 Jan 2018 16:14 #5903 by admin
Rules for forum posts was created by admin
Please try to make your issue as clear as possible. Consider the fact that on the other side, there is a person that, at least in the beginning, knows nothing about what your goal is, what have you done or achieved so far, what has happened and how it differed from your expectations.

A good problem report should have these parts:
1. Steps taken: What you have done, in detail.
2. Expected result: What you think should have happened.
3. Observed result: What has happened in reality.

We also recommend that you follow the practices used on the Stack Overflow site: How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example .

If you have received an error or exception, please copy its error message (and number, if given)
precisely into the problem report (or a picture of it). We have taken great care to provide error messages that allow to diagnose the problem causes easier. It is a bit offensive if your post says only something like "I tried to connect and it gives me an error", because all that effort that has gone into error reporting in the product is nullified by a sloppy problem report that does not bother to say what the error message was. There are literally tens of thousands possible errors - how can we know which one you got?

If this is a .NET exception, please give us contents of its Source property, and, have a look at its InnerException property, too. If the InnerException is not null, we need details about that exception as well, and so forth.

The bottom line is that making good problem report helps solving the problem faster...

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