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Frequently Asked Questions about OPC Labs Software

This page contains answers to questions that are frequently asked. You are encouraged to check this list first, before raising a question on Online Forums.


Is it possible to pay for the product via money transfer to a bank account?

Yes, this is possible, with a pre-paid invoice. Please email us your purchase order (please use the product names/codes/prices from, stating your company details. E-mail message is sufficient, we do not require a formalized document. We will then send you a commercial invoice, together with instructions for international bank transfer.

You can also initiate an online payment on our Purchase pages through the MyCommerce (Share-it) service, and select a Wire transfer when asked for the payment type. This way, you will receive a proforma invoice automatically and immediately.

When we receive your purchase order, we can also send you a 30-day temporary license immediately. After the invoice is paid, we will send you a permanent license for the product.

I have a technical support issue which contains information that I do not want to become public on the Online Forums. What should I do?

Post the general part of the issue on the Online Forums as normally, indicating that there are confidential parts pending. We will then initiate an email conversation with the confidential parts, while keeping the general part public.

What is the 1/2/3/4/5 Years Upgrade Assurance?

With it, you are entitled to all new versions of the software we release during the chosen period, free of charge. The upgrade assurance term can later be extended.

All customers may freely download and use new builds (with bug fixes) of the same version they have purchased, even without having purchased the upgrade assurance> Note that we do not normally make bug fixes to older versions if there is already a new version released.

Do you have a demo version available?

Yes. It is the downloadable software that you find on our Web site, and it automatically installs itself with a "trial license". You can utilize all features of the product without limitations. The live OPC data only "go through" for 30 minutes. After that, the application that uses the component needs to be restarted in order to obtain valid data again, and so over, if needed.

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I have purchased the product, but will start using it only after some time. Do I have to install the license immediately?


What happens if I activate the license, and the hard disk then crashes or is accidentally reformatted?

Restoration of licenses is easy. If your hard disk crashes or is accidentally reformatted, there is no "activation counter" that would penalize you. You do not "lose" the license; simply locate the original license key and reinstall it to a new disk or computer. License transfer is easy, too: You do not need to deactivate a license on one computer first in order to install it onto a second computer.

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What are the benefits of using QuickOPC, in comparison to other libraries?

There are many - see the dedicated Benefits page (in our Knowledge Base).

Will QuickOPC reconnect automatically if the OPC server is rebooted?

Yes. If the QuickOPC client loses connection to the OPC server unexpectedly, it will attempt to reconnect automatically after a configurable delay. In OPC "Classic", for example, this delay (in milliseconds) is in EasyDAClient.ClientParameters.ClientReconnectDelay property that you can configure as needed. Note that in some similar situations (such as when the OPC server explicitly asks the clients to disconnect - which may also be the case with some OPC server during ordinary system shutdown, or when it indicates server failure through GetServerStatus), different delays apply, but the principle remains the same; QuickOPC will always attempt to reconnect. This is one of the features that distinguishes QuickOPC from other tools.

I bought QuickOPC unlimited runtime, do I still need to install a runtime license on each computer I deploy to?

Yes. With "Single Developer + Runtime Free License", you use the same license file for "runtimes" as provided for the developer's machine. Suggested related reading is the "Application Deployment" chapter in the "Concepts" document. The license installation is usually done using License Manager.

Is a simulation OPC server included with QuickOPC?

Yes. Our own simulation server (a "Kit Server") is included for OPC Data Access and for OPC Alarms&Events. For OPC Unified Architecture, a Test Server from OPC Foundation is installed. You can therefore immediately test any examples, or prototypes of your own code, without having to install any 3rd-party tool.

Are there separate products for OPC-DA, OPC-A&E, OPC UA, and so on?

No. We have separate (but integrated) software components for the various OPC specifications, but they are all delivered as a single product. When you buy QuickOPC, you will always components for all supported OPC specs, regardless of the QuickOPC edition or license type. This also preserves your investment in case you need to start e.g. with OPC "Classic" (COM/DCOM-based) servers, but plan to use OPC Unified Architecture in the future.

How is it with OPC interoperability and compliance of the products?

OPC products are internally tested with wide range of OPC servers and clients. As an active member of the OPC Foundation, we also test our products regularly and intensively on the so-called OPC Interoperability Workshops (results are available on the OPC Foundation Website).

QuickOPC is certified for OPC-UA compliance by the official OPC testing laboratory. QuickOPC also holds other OPC compliance logos.

Where is the list of OPC Specifications, OPC UA Profiles supported, and other such material important for evaluating suitability of the toolkit?

You can find this information in the User's Guide under following links:

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