Professional OPC
Development Tools


This page lists the free tools OPC Labs provides. As opposed to "free trials" of our commercial software, which are licensed for evaluation purposes only, you can use the tools listed here also in development and production.

Some of the tools are also distributed as part of other products (QuickOPC). All software is fully functional in terms of features enabled. Some (a minority) might be limited in terms of allowed uninterrupted runtime; in such case, the restriction is mentioned on the corresponding page.

The tools are hosted on a separate site - in our Knowledge Base.

  • Connectivity Explorer allows you to navigate through hierarchy of OPC Data Access and OPC Unified Architecture servers and data nodes. You can subscribe to data changes, and view the results live.
  • OPC UA Demo Publisher. Demonstration publisher for OPC UA PubSub, with built-in datasets.
  • OpcCmd Utility. Allows performing various OPC operations from the command line. It can act as a generic OPC UA PubSub subscriber, and be used for evaluation, experiments, and testing.
  • UA Configuration Tool (by OPC Foundation) allows the user to inspect and manage various aspects of OPC UA functionality on Windows computers.