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5 Steps for DCOM Configuration, from  OPCTI.

OPC Technology relies on Microsoft's COM and DCOM to move data between sources and applications. If you receive DCOM errors such as 'Access Denied' or are terrified of opening up DCOMCNFG and editing the registry of your operating system, then this 5 part tutorial is for you.

In this first of five part video series, you'll learn the initial step to solving your OPC connectivity problem as a result of DCOM issues. This 5 minute video looks at Windows firewall and the impact it has on OPC connectivity.

In this second or five part "OPC & DCOM: 5 Things you need to know" tutorial, we examine the impact of Windows user accounts on OPC connectivity. We examine settings for both workgroups and domain controllers. In this 7 minute video, we also look at establishing trusts between domains.

In this third of five part series talking about the impact of DCOM on OPC connectivity, we look at how to configure COM, Access permissions, and Launch permissions. This 9 minute video steps you through the process of solving your DCOM problems when working with OPC Technology.