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Software Toolbox, our U.S. reseller, has created multiple QuickOPC code samples (in the examples. QuickOPC is referred to as "OPC Data Client" or "OPCData.NET").


For OPC Data Access, the examples include:

  • Read a Tag
  • Write to Multiple Tags
  • Background Services-Read Multiple Tags
  • Browsing Groups and Branches via code
  • Browsing Servers via Code
  • Browse Tags via Code
  • Configure Settings Before reading a Tag
  • Subscribe to Items Stored in a CSV File
  • Write to a Tag
  • Read Multiple Tags
  • Get Status of OPC Server
  • Subscribing to Multiple Tags
  • Browsing Servers via Dialog
  • Server Browser over WAN
  • Subscribing to a Tag
  • Browsing Tags via Dialog


For OPC A&E, the examples include:

  • Browse for A&E Servers
  • Browse A&E Sources
  • Subscribe to A&E Events
  • Acknowledge a Condition
  • Browse for A&E Areas


For OPC Unified Architecture, the examples include:

  • Read an Item
  • Read Multiple Items
  • Subscribe to an Item
  • Write to an Item
  • Write Multiple Items
  • Subscribe to Multiple Items
  • Read an Array Tag


OPC Data Code Samples (in C#)

OPC Data Code Samples (in VB.NET)


Note: You can purchase our products from Software Toolbox, or directly from us.


0 #2 OPC Labs Technical Support 2016-07-11 08:21
Dear Sir,
thank you for your interest in our products.

The examples described on this page are created and maintained by our reseller in the United States, Software Toolbox. It is possible that they

change their Web from time to time. Anyway, after clicking on the link, which gets you to their site, choose "Product Details" on the left -

that leads to . On that page, there are several hyperlinks labeled "Free Code

Samples" (,94,/c/115,329 ). I hope this helps.

Note that the examples above are just a "bonus", a courtesy of our reseller.

The primary QuickOPC examples come with the product itself. You just need to install QuickOPC (free trial, from ), and there are example solutions accessible right from the Start menu. The list of examples is here: (on the Documentation page, ).

Best regards
0 #1 Tom 2016-07-10 18:25
Hi, OPC LAbs Team

I would like to try your sample code. I click the link above: OPC Data-Classic OPC DA Code Samples (in VB.NET and C#). But I cannot find any link in that page:

I would like to know that where I can download the sample code to test run.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

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