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Extension to Upgrade Assurance

You can purchase an extension to your existing upgrade assurance on this page. The upgrade assurance entitles you to all new versions of the product released during the chosen period. The extension can be purchased at any time during your current upgrade assurance period, and in 60 days following it.

Learn more about the current product editions.

You can select between 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years upgrade assurance. You save 5% on the 2-year option, 15% on the 3-year option, 25% on the 4-year option and 35% on the 5-year option.

Purchase Options

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Payment types: PayPal account, major credit cards, and other PayPal options.
PayPal registration is NOT required for payment! If you do not have PayPal account, PayPal can process your credit card payment as "guest".
Delivery and invoicing terms: Manual, by email. Usually same or next business day.

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The process is handled by Digital River GmbH who acts as a reseller.
Payment types: Major credit cards, wire transfer, check, and other options (including PayPal).
Germany: Lastschriftverfahren (ELV) and giropay are supported.
Delivery and invocing terms: Automated, by email. Usually immediate. Handles correctly all VAT regulations. Note that price with VAT is displayed during the process, but the VAT is later dropped if you enter the appropriate information. Customers located outside European Union are not charged the VAT.
Version upgrades: Contact us in order to obtain a discount coupon, then proceed as for a new license, and enter the coupon code when asked to.

Send me a Quotation, Proforma Invoice, or Invoice.

Please select a document type:. Then, make a selection in the price list below, and press the "Create Document" next to your choice. You will be taken to a form with additional information to fill, and we will then automatically create and send the requested document to you.
Version upgrades: You must own an older version in order to be eligible for version upgrade.

The Proforma Invoice and Invoice contain bank transfer information and can be used for payment. The Quotation and Proforma Invoice options do not constitute a binding purchase order until paid in full. If you select Proforma Invoice and make a payment, we will send you the license, and a final commercial invoice, upon receival of the funds. The Invoice option constitutes a binding purchase order.

FOR PAYMENTS BY BANK TRANSFER OR CHECK (INVOICE - PREPAYMENT), you can also deal directly with us. Use the Contact form to request quotations or proforma invoices. Similarly, Get a Quotation if you want to pay in currency other than those available in the lists, or in bitcoins. >>> Terms of Sale


Currency: The total item price is the sum of the selected choices and options.
More currencies are available: If your currency is not listed, or if a question mark (?) appears instead of price for certain currency, select any currency here and continue with your order. The wider choice of currencies, and the precise prices will be shown later in the process. Prices below are excluding VAT.