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Welcome to the OPC Labs resources. It is our place to share the documentation, technical papers, stories, and other material related to our software. Following OPC resources are available:

  • Knowledge Base. Contains documents and supplementary files with detailed information to the products.

  • About OPC. Explains what OPC is, where it applies, and how you can benefit from it.
  • OPC Glossary. A list of OPC-related terms with definitions.
  • OPC Q&A. Common questions and answers that relate to OPC.
  • OPC Videos. Videos and Webcasts about the OPC technology.
  • What Is OPC? Videos from OPCTI explaining what OPC is, how people are using it and why.
  • OPC & DCOM. 5 Steps for DCOM Configuration, from  OPCTI.

We can make more resources available to specific users upon demand.

Technical Support

Useful OPC resources can also be found inside our Support section:

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