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Live Binding WPF component - Missing UAConnectivity in Component Tray Editor

13 Mar 2020 16:28 #8303 by support
This problem is fixed in QuickOPC 2020.1 build 114.1, which is now available on our Web site. Please download it, reinstall the product, and retest.

Thank you

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12 Mar 2020 21:44 #8298 by support

Stay tuned, we have found the problem, and are in process of fixing it. I will post here when we have a new build ready for you.

Best regards

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09 Mar 2020 10:31 - 11 Mar 2020 08:22 #8276 by Dan
thank you for fixing my last problem .
I am still following the Making a first OPC UA application using Live Binding in WPF in the help manual.
Fortunately, I am now able to successfully add the live binding WPF component to the Main Window and the "Component Tray Editor" opens up.
Unfortunately I don't have any items in the "Toolbox Items" window after I click on "Add".
Warning: Spoiler!

I have also followed these steps but didn't get any other result.

I am using Visual Studio 2019.
Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019
Version 16.4.5
Microsoft .Net Framework
Version 4.8.03761

I am using the newest Quickopc version.
Last edit: 11 Mar 2020 08:22 by Dan. Reason: Changed title of question for more clarity of my problem.

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