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EasyOPCDA Client Freezes when placed in multithreaded application

25 Apr 2022 13:28 #10820 by Restrepo

I am currently working with a customer that is running into a strange situation, and I was hoping to get some guidance on what could be the issue that he is experiencing.

The application being develop uses the EasyDAClient object to connect to a Kepserver OPC Server; however, it looks like when put into a multithreaded application (running as a service), the application freezes. Now, we were able to find out that the freeze happens whenever the first line of code involving the EasyDA Client is evoked.

Also, If he runs the application as a console App, Then when the application reaches line 54 of the screenshot (CodeSnippet.PNG attached) below application freezes and keeps frozen until I click the console application and click it somewhere else again. This makes the thread unfreeze and the application starts working again.

There are no Memory or CPU Spikes when the application freezes, and this is not happening whenever a simple Console application (Single Threaded) is tested. Is there anything significant steps that need to be taken when developing multi-threaded applications and the QuickOPC Toolkit? Perhaps, the Object has to be instantiated in a certain part of the applciation? Or do you have any suggestions on what else we could try to get a bit more information regarding this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Dev System:

SDK Version - 5.62.1032
VS 2019 and 2022
Production environment where the issue is replicated - Server 2019, Windows 11, Windows 10
.NET Framework 4.8

Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else from us.


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