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OPC Subscribing does not work on a production installation

11 Apr 2017 07:47 #5092 by m.baumgartner

I have just purchased QuickOPC and I'm facing an issue. I've been playing with the various functions of QuickOPC and it went just fine on my development machine. However, I've tried to deploy the assemblies in "production" mode on one of my colleague's computer and it doesn't seem to work the same.

What I'm seeing is that any ReadItem() would work just fine on both computers but any subscrition-based use of QuickOPC would only work on my dev machine and not on the "production" machine.
I'm getting no error but no value.

I've used the QuickOPC installer and selected "Production COM" in the selector.
I've installed my license using LMConsole in command line.
My License is correctly visible from LMConsole or the GUI License Manager.

Thank you for your answers

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