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Subscribing to All UA Nodes in a UA Server

03 Mar 2023 14:03 #11602 by gkalipershad
Thank you, I will make this suggestion to the end user and provide this sample.

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03 Mar 2023 07:16 #11598 by support

It should be said that "subscribe to all nodes in the UA server" is, in a general case, a discouraged practice. The address space can be large up to being infinite, and subscribing to it requires browsing the nodes first, which can therefore take very long time. Also, I assume that the requirement isn't really "subscribe to all nodes" - because there are many nodes that make little sense for subscriptions (such as nodes in that define types). So the "probable" requirement is actually "all variables".

I admit that in a special case, such as when you know your target UA server and how its configuration(s) look like (and that they are reasonably constrained), this approach might be the way to go.

What you need to do is to combine the example you have already found, with this one: .

The "BrowseFromNode" method would, instead of displaying the nodes, add them to a list. After the calls finish, the assembled list can be used as bassi for making the subscriptions.

I hope this helps

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02 Mar 2023 17:29 #11595 by gkalipershad
I feel like I am missing something obvious here, but I am having trouble figuring this out. Customer wants to subscribe to all nodes in the their UA Server. They don't want to maintain a list of the items and they want to make it so their application just picks up any new items that are added to the OPC UA Server without them having to change anything in the application. Do you know how we might accomplish this?

I am sure its similar to the below link, but I can't quite get it. I can do smaller groups/objects, but not the entire server namespace.

Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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