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OPC UA subscription - No notifications for some nodes on MOPS server

14 Nov 2022 17:06 #11200 by support

This can be either server problem, or client problem (QuickOPC). Of course we do not think it is QuickOPC problem... In order to determine that with certainty, I would suggest to capture a Wireshark trace plus information from the client side: . Of course, with as simple/small scenario as possible, so that the amount of data is not too big. It should then be possible to correlate the information from the network trace and the client side, and "point the blame".

Ideally, just one node - the one for which you receive no notification whatsoever. We can then look at the Wireshark trac,e and see if 1) correct parameters were passed to the server, and 2) if the server has sent any notification for that node - and if so, if it was correct.

Also, have you tried some other OPC UA client with these nodes, and if so, what were the results?

Best regards

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14 Nov 2022 16:24 - 14 Nov 2022 16:25 #11199 by radek.huber

I encoutered strange bahaviour of our client with one MOPS OPC UA server. We do not get any notification when data are changed for some nodes. Also there is not even an initial notification after subscribtion to the node. For other nodes it works fine.
There are no exceptions or error messages.

Do you have some hints for me what could be wrong?

Best regards,
Radek Huber
Last edit: 14 Nov 2022 16:25 by radek.huber.

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