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Subscription stopped firing events

04 Jul 2019 07:56 #7491 by support

does this only happen in the context of another hundreds of devices being handled around, or is it (though rarely) reproducible in a smaller scenario, with just handful of devices in the app?


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01 Jul 2019 20:16 #7469 by sjscheider
Over the last couple weeks, we've noticed that some devices stop communicating with our client code. When we've dug into the issue further, we've noticed that the device still indicates that is connected to our client code as does our client code. However, no data change events for the 3 subscriptions appear to be occurring. We have exception handing in the data change event code and we are not seeing exceptions. We also log all events that occur in the server condition changed event and no messages are logged.
easyUaClient.ServerConditionChanged += ServerConditionChanged;
It is as though the connection to the device is somehow frozen. We tried rebooting the device but that does not fix the issue. The only way we've been able to fix the issue is by restarting the client app.

Any thoughts on how to debug this issue further? It appears very random with different devices. Any suggestions on how to detect this issue and resolve it?


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