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Publishing has halted on the client session

07 May 2019 14:10 #7342 by sjscheider
In my EasyUaClient.DataChangeNotification event handler, one of the first things I do is check if e.Exception is null. Since adding this code, I've noticed the following exception being reported:
ErrorMessageBrief: The OPC-UA subscription ID 174 publishing has halted on the client session to endpoint URL "opc.tcp://" for approximate current duration of 16533 milliseconds. The current keep-alive count is 10, the current publishing interval is 1000 milliseconds, and the probationary period was 5000 milliseconds.

Typically I see this error message in the log twice for a given node, with 0 to 5 milliseconds of one another.

How should I handle this exception in code? It does not appear to effect the functionality of the subscriptions. Are there setting in OPC Labs that I need to tweek? Any other recommendation?

The current test code is connected to 12 devices with subscriptions to 3 different node on each device. (One node at 500 milliseconds and two devices at 2000 milliseconds.) Over the course of about 8 hours and 15 minutes, there were 143 instance of the above exception.

I'm also seeing 126 instances of this exception over the same period of time with the DataChangeNotification event handler:
ErrorCode: -2144272384 - ErrorMessageBrief: OPC-UA service result - An error specific to OPC-UA service occurred.
I also have a ServerConditionChanged event handler that fired 816 times during this period for either disconnecting or disconnected events. Example:
"opc.tcp://" Disconnected(10000); *** Failure -2146232832 (0x80131600): OPC-UA service result - An error specific to OPC-UA service occurred.
  - Connected: False, Succeeded: False, StatusInfo: Error
  - ErrorMessage: OPC-UA service result - An error specific to OPC-UA service occurred.
Status Code: {BadNoCommunication} = 0x80310000 (2150694912)
Description: Server not responding to keep alive requests.
I'm still digging into the logs but it appear that these events are occurring across all of the devices.

I updated to the latest build yesterday and I'm still getting this issue. (version: 5.54.1151)

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