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BadFilterNotAllowed OPC-UA error with KepserverEX V6

31 May 2017 17:13 #5188 by support
At a first glance, I do not see anything wrong with your code; this is reinforced by the fact that it has worked with previous server version.

I suggest to wait for a reply from Kepware, because it is quite likely there is an issue on their side, or that at least they can hint to a possible cause.

Best regards

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31 May 2017 16:05 #5186 by sun21

After we've upgraded KepserverEx OPC server from V5 to V6 errors appeared.

Client subscription to tags with boolean datatype are failing with following message.
(everything was OK for KS V5 --> OPC client v4.51, our C# code was not changed.)

..., error code: -2142961664, error message: OPC-UA service result - An error specific to OPC-UA service occurred.
StatusCode: {BadFilterNotAllowed} = 0x80450000 (2152005632)

Event handler code:
        private void MonitoredItemChangedEvent(object self, EasyUADataChangeNotificationEventArgs e)
            var tag = e.Arguments.NodeDescriptor.NodeId.Identifier.ToString();
            if (e.Succeeded && e.Exception == null)
                Logger.LogError(string.Format("Failed to write item changed event for tag '{2}', error code: {0}, error message: {1}. (repeated messages will be suppressed)", 
                    e.ErrorCode, e.ErrorMessage, tag));
Subscription code:
                filter = new UADataChangeFilter(UADataChangeTrigger.StatusValue);
                    new EasyUAMonitoredItemArguments(MonitoredItemChangedEvent,
                        new UAMonitoringParameters(dataItem.SamplingIntervalMs,
               var monitoredItemHandles = _easyUaClient.SubscribeMultipleMonitoredItems(easyUaMonitoredItemArguments.ToArray());

We are not sure where to look.
Can you please suggest a solution or workaround? KS support was also notified.

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