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17 Mar 2016 17:01 #3937 by support
If you are in the same situation as the OP, i.e. the error happens in one of the EasyUAClient.WriteXXXX methods, and the StatusCode is precisely 0x80000000, then there can be many reasons.

The problem is that this status code does is the most generic one and does not convey any specifics that would allow to determine what went wrong. When making a Write in OPC UA, typical problems include:

- incorrect node ID
- non-writeable node/attribute
- writeable attribute, but access denied for security reasons
- incorrect data type of the value being written

Each of these has its own StatusCode defined in the OPC specification, and the server should ideally return a status code that is specific to the situation at hand. But apparently this is not always the case.

If you provide more information, e.g. a code snippet that calls the "write", I might be able to tell more. The type of value to be written is one specific piece to examine closely, because .NET and OPC UA type systems differ. We do some automatic type conversions, but sometimes it is necessary to modify the code and specify the data type explicitly.

Best regards

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17 Mar 2016 13:49 #3936 by sebpinski
Hi OPC Labs,

is there any chance you could elaborate. Is there a common cause for this error? Has the write succeeded? How can we avoid this exception being throw and what checks should we do?


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04 Jun 2015 10:10 #3187 by support
This (most likely) means that the server returned this error as a response to the Write call.
The following user(s) said Thank You:

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04 Jun 2015 08:19 #3180 by

does this error below means the tag status is Bad ? and if not what does it mean ?

thank you,
Adi Damty

OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.OperationModel.UAException: An OPC-UA operation failure with error code -2147483648 (0x80000000) occurred, originating from 'OpcLabs.EasyOpcUAInternal'. The inner OPC-UA service exception with service result 'Bad' contains details about the problem. ---> OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.UAServiceException: OPC-UA service result - An error specific to OPC-UA service occurred.
StatusCode: {Bad} = 0x80000000 (2147483648)

--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.EasyUAClient.CheckSuccess(OperationResult operationResult)
at OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.IEasyUAClientExtension.WriteValue(IEasyUAClient easyUAClient, UAWriteValueArguments writeValueArguments)
at OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA.IEasyUAClientExtension.WriteValue(IEasyUAClient easyUAClient, UAEndpointDescriptor endpointDescriptor, UANodeDescriptor nodeDescriptor, Object value, Type valueType)
at CI_ExtrlineService.OPCLabsConnector.writeTag(String i_UAEndPointDescriptor, String i_TagName, Object i_Value, Nullable`1 i_DataPointId) in f:\Projects\CI_MES_2011-CI_NetafimMES_BRANCH\CI_ExtrlineService\CI_ExtrlineService\Dal\OPCLabsConnector.cs:line 327
at CI_ExtrlineService.OPCLabsConnector.WriteTag(DataPointInfo i_DataPointInfo) in f:\Projects\CI_MES_2011-CI_NetafimMES_BRANCH\CI_ExtrlineService\CI_ExtrlineService\Dal\OPCLabsConnector.cs:line 297
at CI_ExtrlineService.OmronLine.writeTag(IOPCConnector i_OpcConnector, String i_DataPointName, Object value) in f:\Projects\CI_MES_2011-CI_NetafimMES_BRANCH\CI_ExtrlineService\CI_ExtrlineService\Interfaces\OmronLine.cs:line 2273
at CI_ExtrlineService.OmronLine.readNewCoil() in f:\Projects\CI_MES_2011-CI_NetafimMES_BRANCH\CI_ExtrlineService\CI_ExtrlineService\Interfaces\OmronLine.cs:line 1116

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