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Reading from cache or device

05 May 2015 14:57 - 05 May 2015 14:57 #3077 by support
OPC UA does not precisely have the distinction between the device read or cache read, but it is possible to specify a maximum age.

In QuickOPC, this is controlled by a parameter inside the UAReadParameters object. The property name is MaximumAge. By default, it reads from the cache, equaling to UAReadParameters.CacheMaximumAge. You can specify a number of milliseconds there.

UAReadParameters is part of UAReadArguments which is used in the most overloads of the various Read methods of EasyUAClient. There are also some overloads that take UAReadParameters directly, or can use the implicit conversion from a 'double' (number of milliseconds - the maximum age) to UAReadParameters.

Best regards
Last edit: 05 May 2015 14:57 by support.

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05 May 2015 14:44 #3076 by

when i use readTag it's operate cache read or device read ?
can i operate cahce read ?

thank you,
Adi Damty

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