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14 Jan 2021 20:02 #9336 by support
Replied by support on topic MappingTag
The live mapping concept is good for scenarios where you have multiple nodes (variables) that together form a logical object, so that you can represent that group of variables using an object in .NET.

And, there can be just one instance of that object (if you have just one such group of variables in the server), or multiple instances of the same object (if you have the same group of variables appearing repeatedly in the address space of the OPC server).

If you have multiple such groups, what's important here is that the live mapping works well if you can set up the correspondence between the server nodes and the instances upfront - and then just use these instances (and their properties) for accessing the OPC variables. If that is what you mean by "dynamic", then yes, it can be done, and I can help you with that in subsequent posts.

But, if you really meant to "switch" , that is, to map an object to a certain node in OPC address space, and later *change* that correspondence and have it point elsewhere, then Live Mapping is not meant for that, and you should you the traditional approach instead.

Best regards

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14 Jan 2021 11:16 #9335 by RoadRunner2019
MappingTag was created by RoadRunner2019
Hello OpcLabs team,

Since we have access to different modes (nodes) for machine control, I was looking for a way to activate them dynamically using the live mapping concept. I came across the attribute MappingTag and would like to know how it is possible to dynamically switch the nodes concerned during runtime.

Do you have an example of this in your software package or can you show me an example in this forum of how it works?

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