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UA Live Binding on WPF windows.

24 Feb 2015 12:01 #2847 by support
No problem - here is the example (you may have to re-reference the assemblies, but besides this, it should be buildable):

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It subscribes to three OPC Unified Architecture node values, and shows them updating in WPF TextBox-es.

And here is the relevant part of code:
    /// <summary>
    /// Interaction logic for MainWindow.xaml
    /// </summary>
    public partial class MainWindow : Window
        public MainWindow()
        private void ClientOnMonitoredItemChanged(object sender, EasyUAMonitoredItemChangedEventArgs eventArgs)
            // We have passed in a reference to the target TextBox as the State property in EasyUAMonitoredItemArguments.
            var textBox = (TextBox) eventArgs.Arguments.State;
            if (eventArgs.Succeeded)
                textBox.Text = eventArgs.AttributeData.DisplayValue();
                textBox.Text = "*** Error";
        private void Window_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            // Define the target controls, the OPC data we want to monitor, and how fast.
            var arguments = new []
                new EasyUAMonitoredItemArguments(TextBox1, "http://localhost:51211/UA/SampleServer", "nsu=;i=10845", 1000),
                new EasyUAMonitoredItemArguments(TextBox2, "http://localhost:51211/UA/SampleServer", "nsu=;i=10853", 1000),
                new EasyUAMonitoredItemArguments(TextBox3, "http://localhost:51211/UA/SampleServer", "nsu=;i=10855", 1000)
            // Hook the event handler, and subscribe to OPC data
            _client.MonitoredItemChanged += ClientOnMonitoredItemChanged;
            _handles = _client.SubscribeMultipleMonitoredItems(arguments);
        private void Window_Unloaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
            // Unsubscribe from OPC data, and unhook the event handler
            _client.MonitoredItemChanged -= ClientOnMonitoredItemChanged;
        private readonly EasyUAClient _client = new EasyUAClient();
        private int[] _handles;

Note that the connection-less nature of our API makes this into a fully usable application: No extra code is needed to achieve complete resiliency against network failures, server shutdowns etc. - it will reconnect itself in case of problems.

Best regards

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23 Feb 2015 20:18 #2843 by Gardoni
Basically I need One-Way binding, the UA tag value should be updated inside a WPF component, so I can read the value continuosly.
Made from c# code is OK for me, do you have a small example?
Thanks, Davide

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23 Feb 2015 19:07 #2841 by support
What we call Live Binding, i.e. where the bindings can be created without manual coding (in Visual Studio designer), is only available for Windows Forms. See e.g. .

Without Live Binding, it is still possible to update a property of a WPF control with OPC data, but with some manual coding. Are you interested in an example for that? If so, one-time Read, or a Subscription?

Best regards

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23 Feb 2015 14:39 #2840 by Gardoni
Hello, do you have a small example (c# code) on how to bind an OPC UA tag value to the text property of a WPF control in a WPF form?

VS2013 and FW4.5.1 are the targets.

Thanks, Davide Gardoni

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