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Embed library into Cs project

23 Apr 2020 10:48 #8392 by Šilhavý
OK, you understood it quite well and explained and that was what I needed to know.

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23 Apr 2020 10:07 #8391 by support

I do not fully understand your post. Please try to be more precise - see . But I will try.
In general, application deployment is described in the documentation: .

The bottom line, is the QuickOPC assemblies needs to be deployed alongside your own application. Normally, if you reference QuickOPC assemblies in your project, they will get copied over to the output ('bin/...') directory, and that's where the app runs and where it finds them. If you need to deploy that on another computer, you (or the build script & installation tool) need to take those file from the output directory, and place them to the target machine.

If you want to use special techniques like embedding, then you are on your own. QuickOPC assemblies are not different from any other assemblies, so it should be possible to make it work, but it has nothing to do with QuickOPC in particular. Test your technique with some other assembly to see if it works - because it probably doesn't, either.

Ad 3. No, besides picking the right subset of assemblies, there is no way to use just parts of them.

Best regards

P.S. You can post in English, German, or Czech. Our answers are always in English.
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22 Apr 2020 18:23 #8385 by Šilhavý
I wrote very simple program to grab data from a file and send them on UA server. I am using BaseLib an EasyOpcUA libraries, VS2017Comm, Win10, framework 4.8.
When i compile the project and dlls are in the folder with exe, everythink work fine. But what can I do, when I want just standalone exe file?
I have 3 questions (2 cases):
1 . Dlls are referenced, NOT embeded. I thought it is sufficient to have them just in the folder, where I referenced them from - so Progra~/OpcLabs ... QuickOPC will be installed on deploy computer too. But it doesnt work. You know - just to make link to the dll file - I tried it even in .csproj. Didnt work. Dll is missing.
2. Dlls are referenced, added into project and embeded, resolved using AssemblyResolve. Wont work, dll is still missing.

3. Is it possible to use just part of the library - Dlls are 20MB, program is 20KB and uses just few methods.

Thanks in advance for your advices.

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