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OPC UA SDK Configuration Error - No SDK application configuration is available

08 Apr 2023 17:18 #11667 by support
Hello Zachary,

this appears to be a bug, introduced in recent version with the the complete switch to UA-.NETStandard stack. It works when targeting .NET 6+, but not when targeting .NET Framework.

I have made a fix. The fixed version is 5.70.1146.1 or later. I will send you an email with the download link by email, please update your systems.

In addition, there is one thing that I noticed that is not quire right on your side, and needs to be fixed too: In Visual Studio Solution Explorer, click on MyApplication.config, and then in the Properties window, change "Copy to Output Directory" from "Do not copy" to "Copy always" or "Copy if newer".

Best regards

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07 Apr 2023 13:09 #11660 by ZParham

I am helping a customer who is receiving an error when attempting to follow the following section of the documentation:'s Guide and Reference-QuickOPC/webframe.html#OPC UA Application Configuration.html

Here is a link where you can download my test application with which I recreated this behavior, as well as a .txt file with the errors received:

Below, I have listed the steps taken. I get the feeling that there’s a step we are missing or misunderstanding, but I haven’t been able to figure out where.

Thank you in advance!

Steps taken:

- Opened file named “App.config” from within Visual Studio
- Added the section shown in the documentation under "App.config"
- Saved the solution and close visual studio
- Went the repos folder for the application, where the App.config file is currently kept
- Copied this file to the same location
- Renamed it “MyApplication.config”
- Opened this in Notepad ++
- Deleted what is currently in the file
- Added everything in the MyApplication.Config.xml section to the file and save
- Opened the solution again in Visual Studio
- Right-clicked the project and select “add - existing file”
- Chose All Files and added MyApplication.config
- Added the lines from the "Example" section

Zachary Parham

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