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Problem QuickOPC-UA Demo .NET

15 Sep 2020 17:11 #8899 by support
I am not sure what the cause for it is. We have had similar reports in the past (interestingly, if I remember well, always or commonly with Italian Windows ).

Likely, there is something wrong with the client application certificate created for the client application. Try this:

1. Download and install .
2. Run it.
3. Switch to the "Manage Certificates" tab.
4. Make sure that "Store Type" is set to Directory.
5. In the "Store Path", drop-down the list, and select the path ending with "Machine Default". The, press the "View Certificates" button. This is the store for the instance certificates of the UA apps on this computer. Delete all of them (right-click and choose "Delete"), or at least those that corresponds to the apps that have the problem.
6. Restart your application, making sure it is done under elevated privileges (so that it has write access to the stores). This should re-create the app certificate and store it where it belongs to - if that was the cause of the problem.

Best regards

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14 Sep 2020 14:55 #8895 by arlecchino
I am a beginner with OPC.

I have developed simply .NET software that works correctly with OPC-UA.

I had to switch computers, I reinstalled QuickOPC 2019.2 and its license on the new computer. But,also with DEMO examples, i can't connect correctly.


the error appears when i open Demo Aplication OPC-UA and try to connect to a Server. Error is :

"Password di rete specificata non corretta.
+ The SDK action called was "ApplicationInstance.CheckApplicationInstanceCertificate".
+ Following (1) events were gathered during the action on activity ID [6], in the order of first occurrence:
SDK trace: Checking application instance certificate.
+ The error occurred while creating or checking the (client) application instance certificate. Check event log entries for errors and warnings.
+ The certificate generator path was "C:\Program Files (x86)\OPC Labs QuickOPC 2019.2\Demos-NET\EasyOpcUADemo\Opc.Ua.CertificateGenerator.exe".
+ This is an engine-level error.
+ The client method called was 'Discover'.

what am i doing wrong?

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