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BrowsePath to NodeId Retrieval

13 Oct 2023 06:08 #12297 by support

I do not understand your question. If, what you want to accomplish, is somehow to specify OPC UA browse path without specifying namespaces, it is not possible. OPC UA browse path always includes namespaces. In some cases, you may not SEE the namespaces in the string representation of the browse path, because e.g. namespace zero will not be explicitly indicated; but it is still there.

Show me the code snippet with other library that accomplishes your goal, and I will see if I can then understand what you are actually doing. Which library was that? is rhere a documentation?


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13 Oct 2023 01:43 #12296 by chandresekaran

We are working on migration project from C library to C#, currently using OPC UA C Lib, we have one function (OPC_NodeIdFromBrowsePath) which converts the browsepath into nodeId, basically the browse path here represented in dot delimited e.g. Channel1.Device1.Tag1 we don't pass namespace / indexes with this name, but able to retrieve node id. what is equivalent method in OPCLabs? I see OPC UA C# as well include TranslateBrowsePathToNodeId Method does this operation where namespace identifier not required to pass, we want to accomplish same:

[string] "Channel1.Device1.TestInt" => [UANodeId] ns=2;s=Channel1.Device1.TestInt (we don't have namespace identifiers at this stage, we want to read node by browse path itself). appreciate your support on this.

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