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Is it possible to browse just a part (one main directory) of a OPC UA server?

18 Jun 2023 09:41 #11815 by support

OPC UA browsing is actually *always* done the way you are asking for. You give it a "starting" node, and a criteria for which references related to that node you want to return. And it returns the related nodes. Only if you explicitly want, you can then use one or more of the returned nodes, and ask for another "hop".

So really all you need to know is the node Id of your "main directory" (machine), and that's what you pass in as a starting node to the browse method.

Best regards

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18 Jun 2023 09:20 #11814 by mut9bu
In our plant we use for several CNC production machines (lets say 50 Siemens 840D machines) one external OPC UA server ( In this OPC UA server there is one main directory for one single machine. (The sub structure of each machine directory has the usual UA structure)
Now when the client connects to the OPC UA server we don't want that he browses all the OPC UA server with all machines because it takes really a long time.
Is it possible that the user can browse just the seleceted main directory (interested machine) of the OPC UA server and so shorten the browsing time?
I don't mean browsing the complete UA server and then filtering one directory. I mean just browsing one main directory (one machine) of the UA server.

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