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Error 'BadEncodingLimitsExceeded' During OPC-UA nodes browsing

26 Oct 2016 04:54 #4501 by support
It looks like that the amount of data returned by the server (most likely due to high number of nodes) is larger than transport limits.

I tis possible to increase the limits on the client side. To do so, please first look at the "Application Configuration" section in the Concepts document (Section # 12.3 in the documentation for version 5.40). You need to set the parameters so that an external configuration file is used. In the file, under <TransportQuotas>, increase the value in <MaxMessageSize> element from 4194304 to a suitable number.

I am attaching a default config file (the one that QuickOPC uses when not instructed otherwise) in order to help you with creating your own one.

File Attachment:

File Name: UAClientEn...0-26.xml
File Size:4 KB

Alternatively, some servers may also allow you to set the maximum number of nodes returned in one service call, which would also reduce the data size.

Best regards
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25 Oct 2016 14:49 #4500 by sun21

A got following error:

[10/17/2016 9:32:41 AM] [OpcNodesBrowser] UAException: An OPC-UA operation failure with error code -2146959360 (0x80080000) occurred, originating from 'Opc.Ua.Core'. The inner OPC-UA service exception with service result 'BadEncodingLimitsExceeded' contains details about the problem.
InnerException: OPC-UA service result - Unexpected error processing response.
StatusCode: {BadEncodingLimitsExceeded} = 0x80080000 (2148007936)
Description: Unexpected error processing response.
StatusCode: {BadEncodingLimitsExceeded} = 0x80080000 (2148007936)
Description: MaxMessageSize 4194304 < 4449386
AdditionalInfo: >>> MaxMessageSize 4194304 < 4449386
--- at Opc.Ua.BinaryDecoder.DecodeMessage(Type expectedType)
--- at Opc.Ua.BinaryDecoder.DecodeMessage(Stream stream, Type expectedType, ServiceMessageContext context)
--- at Opc.Ua.Bindings.TcpClientChannel.ParseResponse(BufferCollection chunksToProcess)
--- at Opc.Ua.Bindings.TcpClientChannel.ProcessResponseMessage(UInt32 messageType, ArraySegment`1 messageChunk)

I cannot refresh OPC tag list as a result. The node browser function is similar to recommended on the forum. Worked well long time before.
What can be a reason and how to debug it?


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