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browsing your public server

10 Mar 2016 09:53 - 10 Mar 2016 10:03 #3916 by support
Replied by support on topic browsing your public server
The (lower level) NodeID you are trying to browse does not seem right. For example, using the demo application and selecting the "Boilers" node, I can see that its NodeId is


You can omit either the "nsu" or "ns", as they both describe the namespace, so the following two should work as well:


The server can use integer, string, GUID or opaque ID. In this case, at least for the Boiler node, it is an integer Id. This is dictated by the server, and the client must adapt to it. In your example, the namespace index is incorrect (2 instead of 4), and you use a string Id instead of integer Id.

If you are trying to do something like recursive browsing, simply take the NodeId (or better, the whole NodeDescriptor) from the returned browse element. Your code does not have to do with it anything, in such case. In other scenarios, it is true that you might have a requirement to "assemble" the NodeIds from their parts programmatically. In such case, you need to know what they should be - and that knowledge is specific to the server or its configuration, therefore there is no general advice as to how that should be done.

Also, have a look at what browse paths are (see the Concepts doc) - in some cases they are the right solution.

Best regards
Last edit: 10 Mar 2016 10:03 by support.

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10 Mar 2016 01:54 #3915 by giles
I'm trying to browse opc.tcp://

I'm getting as far as


however I can't then browse in those folders

so I might do

nodes = client.BrowseObjects(server, $"ns=2;s={resourcePath}");

where resource Path = Boilers

but am not getting anything..

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