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OPC UA Client use server certificate in Ubuntu Docker container

05 Apr 2024 08:59 #12717 by support
there are issues with OPC UA when the server is in the container. But, I am not aware of anything "special" when the part that is in the container is the client.

Applications based on QuickOPC, by default, create their own self-signed client certificate automatically, no coding needed.

Then, there is the issue of accepting the server certificate, if secure connection is to be used. Typically, what happens when you attempt to establish a secure connection from the client, is that the server certificate is rejected (not trusted), and its copy is placed, for convenience, into the folder (under the application directory) reserved for such certificates. If you then decide to trust the server, you can copy this certificate to the "trusted" certificate folder, and the connection will then work. This should be no different when done inside the container. Is this process what your question is about? If so, and it is not clear enough, let me know and I will provide further details. If your questions was about something else, please explain.

Best regards

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05 Apr 2024 05:22 #12716 by clyeo

I have the following environment
1) OPC UA server requires OPC UA client to provide certificate during connection
2) OPC UA Client is a dotnet core container hosted in ubuntu

May I know how to connect to the OPC UA server with the cert in the above scenario ?
What format is the cert (Pfx, crt etc )
Which directory should I copy the cert in the ubuntu container
Which method to call from OpcLabs.EasyOpc.UA to set the cert in the OPC UA Client.

Some code sample will be appreciated.


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