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WriteMultipleValues() used 18161ms or more

08 Sep 2023 13:20 #12080 by support

this will be handled under which is either a full duplicate, close duplicate, or closely related.


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08 Sep 2023 08:23 - 08 Sep 2023 11:39 #12079 by xpycy001
Dear support:

There are serious issues with the project production environment, OpcUaClient. WriteMultipleValues() used 18161ms or more . This type of timeout issue has seriously affected production.

I carefully checked the “ServerConditionChange“ event log and “DataChange“ event log, and found that some machines or OpcServer were disconnected or sessions were halted before and after the time point of "WriteMultipleValues()"

Is there a point, OpcUrl anomaly, or disconnection in multiple machines connected to OpcUaClient , affecting the entire OpcUaClient, At the same time, it affects OpcUaClient's write operations on multiple points in the same batch

I am not sure if it is because my own code is not excellent enough, or because I did not tune which parameters. How can I solve the above problem

Other information is as follows:
1 server Windows server2019
2 opcUA Version Info: OpcLabs. QuickOpc 5.71.334
3 The main program is:. NET 7.0 console exe
4 one instance of OpcUaClient has subscribed to approximately 80 OpcServers with approximately 5000 Tags
5 When there are other machines or tags that are currently disconnected or the session is halted, the write operation takes longer
Last edit: 08 Sep 2023 11:39 by xpycy001.

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