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Issues with OpcLabs.QuickOpc on .Net Framework project but not on .Net Core

11 Jan 2023 14:24 #11440 by support

If the settings reflect what you want, then they fine in the sense nothing is redundant.

I would be careful with setting TopicRetrialDelay to 0. I suggest to make it at least several seconds. With zero (or very small values), you can introduce a fairly "tight" loop which would unnecessary consume resources. "Topic failures" are errors such as when the item does not exist in the address space. In most cases, such error is *never* resolved, because the server 's address space does not change. So fast retrials are meaningless. In some case, the server's configuration/address space can be updated, and in such case an item that had not existed before may come to existence - so that's why the retrials exist, to pick up the item when it eventually appears (mostly with subscriptions). But it is not something that happens frequently (if at all) on any OPC server I have seen so far; thus, topic retrials do not have to be fast.


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10 Jan 2023 20:02 #11434 by aris
I think it actually did work. I must have forgotten to recompile the code.
Here is how I do it. Is there anything, besides timeouts settings, that are redundant in my configuration?

EasyDAClient.SharedParameters.TopicParameters.TopicRetrialDelay = 0;
_opcClient = new EasyDAClient();
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.EnableNativeClient = false;
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.EnableNetApiClient = true;
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.Mode.AllowAsynchronousMethod = false;
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.Mode.DesiredMethod = OpcLabs.EasyOpc.DataAccess.Engine.DAReadWriteMethod.Synchronous;
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.Timeouts.BrowseAccessPaths = int.MaxValue;
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.Timeouts.BrowseNodes = int.MaxValue;
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.Timeouts.BrowseProperties = int.MaxValue;
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.Timeouts.BrowseServers = int.MaxValue;
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.Timeouts.GetProperty = int.MaxValue;
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.Timeouts.ReadItem = int.MaxValue;
_opcClient.InstanceParameters.Timeouts.WriteItem = int.MaxValue;

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10 Jan 2023 19:45 #11433 by support
If it did not change the behavior, you have not done it properly.
The NetApi implementation, when truly used, does not throw that exception, ever.

Please post here the pieces of code that you use to create, configure, and use the EasyDAClient object.


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10 Jan 2023 18:14 #11432 by aris
So, what can I do further to investigate the issue?

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10 Jan 2023 17:11 #11431 by aris

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10 Jan 2023 16:54 #11429 by support

At the lower levels of QuickOPC, there are two different OPC Data Access client implementations. Please read .

.NET Framework 4.7.2 will use the NativeClient by default, .NET 6 will use the NetApiClient (it is the only choice there). So the difference likely comes from the fact that the issue only exists in the NativeClient implementation.

Therefore the workaround I woudl like to suggest is to switch to NetApiClient in .NET Framework 4.7.2 as well. This can be done by setting EnableNativeClient to 'false'.

This will probably help. Then of course there is the *real* question and that is why the "native" client is showing the problem. If you want to dig deeper into it (which won't be necessary if the workaround helps), let me know.

[referred from ]

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09 Jan 2023 23:04 - 09 Jan 2023 23:47 #11425 by aris
I use VisualStudio 2022.
I use OpcLabs.QuickOpc from OpcLabs nuget

When I install this nugget on .Net Framework 4.7.2 console project and use it I usually get:
OpcLabs.EasyOpc.OperationModel.OpcException: An OPC operation failure with error ID 'RawEasyDAClient.HResult=0xC004C010' occurred, originating from '' and with depth of 1. The inner exception contains details about the problem. ---> System.TimeoutException: Write not completed. This error indicates that it could not be verified that the requested write operation was completed during the timeout period. It is possible that the write operation will actually succeed or fail, but later. Increase the timeout period if you want to obtain positive or negative indication of the operation outcome. Other reason for this error may be that under heavy loads, topic request or response queue is overflowing. Check the event log for queue overflow errors (if event logging is supported by the product and enabled).
+ The client method called (or event/callback invoked) was 'WriteMultipleItemValues[1]'.
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at OpcLabs.EasyOpc.Internal.EasyUtilities.CheckSuccess(OperationResult operationResult)
at OpcLabs.EasyOpc.DataAccess.IEasyDAClientExtension.WriteItemValue(IEasyDAClient client, DAItemValueArguments itemValueArguments)

and/or I don't get notifications from subscriptions.

But, when I install and run from .Net Core 6 console project, I never get such issues. What can be the problem? It seems that the library does support .Net Framework.
Last edit: 09 Jan 2023 23:47 by aris.

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