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Is There a Way to Create a Permanent Certificate

07 Mar 2022 15:04 #10708 by johndoe1234
I appreciate the clarification but with that all in mind, where is the generated ticket stored? With this I mean what is the filepath of the newly created certificate? Obviously I understand that the filepath would vary per device but as far as the path within the QuickOPC folder, where would I find it?

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01 Mar 2022 20:04 #10679 by support

While there were some less important changes, the principle of QuickOPC operations with regard to client instance certificate has always been the same, in all versions:

- By default, QuickOPC attempt to find its auto-generated certificate, and if it finds it, it uses. If it does not find it, it create one.
- You can place your own certificate into the cert store, and as long as it has the proper identifier (subject name), it will be used instead.
- And, there are way to influence the certificate id (subject name), in case you need that.

So I do not see what the problem is, when you refer to older & newer versions.
But still, if for any reason you need an older version, they are here: .
Also it's not clear what you mean by "permanent certificate stored indefinitely in a folder". All X.509 certificates have "Not valid after" date. QuickOPC does not remove expired certificates.

Best regards

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01 Mar 2022 19:26 #10678 by johndoe1234
I apologize if this question is rudimentary or incorrectly formatted but I am an intern at a company working on a diagnostics software that was created about 4 years ago and has been untouched in the last 3 years. With all this in mind my employer has a perception of how the program worked when it was originally built but since than I believe that QuickOPC has changed from having a concrete certificate stashed in a folder to having an auto-generating certificate. My question, as state in the title, is: is there a way to generate a permanent certificate stored indefinitely in a folder or if there is not that capability in the current version of QuickOPC, is there a way to easily install an older version so that I can once again use this functionality? Thanks for any potential answers and please feel free to ask any questions. I will do my best to answer them to the fullest of my ability.

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