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Fails to connect to OPC server when run as Windows Service

10 Dec 2021 10:39 #10465 by support
Thank you,

I am glad you made it working.

best regards

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10 Dec 2021 10:23 #10464 by Tjall
Thank you!

The log helped me understand that the certificate store is stored differently when run as service:
Windows Service: C:\Windows\System32\OPC Foundation
Application: [Application Folder]\OPC Foundation

That helped med re-generate the certificates for the service as well.
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09 Dec 2021 12:14 #10458 by support

Please add an event handler to static event EasyUAClient.LogEntry, and post here all generated messages.

Best regards
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09 Dec 2021 09:21 #10449 by Tjall
My opc client connects to servers when run from command line, but fails to connect when run as Windows Service (Win10 operating system).

I am using OpcLabs.QuickOpc 5.54.1151 and the function SubscribeMultipleMonitoredItems to start subscription. There are no exceptions thrown and I cannot find any error messages. Connection status is stuck at Connecting. If run from command line connection status achieves Connected status.
Using event handlers to handle value changes and connection changes (DataChangeNotification and ServerConditionChanged).

History: This application has been running as service and connecting to other opc servers fine for a year. I missed the expiry date(one year) of the client certificate and after re-generating new certificate, I have not been able to connect to other opc servers when run as service. To re-generate new cert I deleted the old cert and private key from the "OPC Foundation\CertificateStores\MachineDefault" folder.

I have tried running the service as both "Local System Account" and local admin (same as when run from command line), with no success.

Any ideas why connection status never gets "Connected"?

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