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Reg OPC UA client connection to Anaymous OPC UA server

21 Oct 2021 05:34 #10273 by support

I do not see any obvious problem in your code. Note that in most cases, specifying no identity is the same as specifying the anonymous identity, and thus the .WithAnonymousIdentity() call is not even needed.

But, I do not quite understand what is the reason behind your post. Does the code work for you as expected? If so, then it is probably correct. If it does not, what are the symptoms of the problem?

Best regards

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20 Oct 2021 17:37 - 21 Oct 2021 05:31 #10272 by aksenthil
Dear Team,

I developed OPC UA Client using OPC Labs QUICK OPC Tools.

the OPC UA server configuration as below

endpoint : opc.tcp://OPCUASVRPC:26080/UA/FlsOPCServer

security: None

identity: Anonymous

here is my OPC UA Client code
FileObj.LogWriter($"Creating end point descriptor with anonymous identity");
UAEndpointDescriptor endpointDescriptor =
var client = new EasyUAClient();
UANodeDescriptor[] UANodeDescriptorList = new UANodeDescriptor[GloabalVariables.TagCollection.Count];
FileObj.LogWriter($"Creating EndNode descriptor");
for (int i = 0; i < UANodeDescriptorList.Length; i++)
    UANodeDescriptorList[i] = "ns=2;s=" + DomainName + GloabalVariables.TagCollection[i];
ValueResult[] ValueResultArray1 = client.ReadMultipleValues(endpointDescriptor, UANodeDescriptorList);
foreach (ValueResult valueResult in ValueResultArray1)
    if (valueResult.Succeeded)
        Console.WriteLine("Value: {0} - {1}", GloabalVariables.TagCollection[k], valueResult.Value);
        Console.WriteLine("*** Failure: {0}", valueResult.ErrorMessageBrief);

Would you please confirm for me, is this code is enough for communicating with the Anonymous OPC UA Server?

If I Missed out on anything, please share the details to communicate with the OPC server with anonymous.

with regards,
Last edit: 21 Oct 2021 05:31 by support. Reason: code formatting

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