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Multiple secure channels caused by Isolated property

11 Jun 2020 13:37 - 11 Jun 2020 13:42 #8570 by support
This looks like misunderstanding.
The whole purpose of having the Isolated = true is to allow you to have unique session (and secure channel) per EasyXXClient object.

If you want to share the same, single secure channel for multiple things, you can
a) use EasyXXClient objects with Isolated = false: any number of them they all share the same underlying OPC connections
b) use EasyXXClient objects with Isolated = true, but then write your application so that only one instance is created for every combination you need, and you take care of reusing that instance wherever that combination is needed. You will use the .IsolatedParameters property on each EasyXXClient instance to specify the parameters that apply to it.
c) use the combination of a) and b) (without stepping over each other's toes)

Best regards
Last edit: 11 Jun 2020 13:42 by support.

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11 Jun 2020 13:15 #8569 by KrisSik

I faced a problem with multiple secure channels created during communication with the same OPC UA server using multiple EasyUAClient isntances (with Isolated = true parameter). Each of this instances may (but also may not) have some unique session parameters, but in most cases the vast majority of these instances have the same parameters. Is there a mechanism (instead of setting adaptable parameters) in QuickOpc, which handles situations like this by not creating a separate secure channel, but reusing existing one?

Kind regards,

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