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OPCUA Server connect with Username

02 Jul 2022 17:47 #11026 by support

you need to create a UAEndpointDescriptor which contains the appropriate user identity, and pass it to the subscribe method. Example of constructing such endpoint descriptor can be found here: .

And, read this: .

In the Excel Option, if you construct the cells by dragging them from Connectivity Explorer, you can click the "User Identity" on the OPC UA endpoint you are connecting to, and specify the user identity there. When you then drag the cells to Excel, they will contain the user identity specified.

This, however, means that this information - potentially security sensitive - will be persisted in the Excel formulas, and the same user will always be used from that Excel spreadsheet. If this is not wat you want, there currently is no "ready-made" solution for that. One workaround is to find the username and/or password in the generated formulas, and replace them with references to other cells.

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01 Jul 2022 19:26 #11025 by RicardoT
I'm working on a project to connect a vb6 program to an OPCUA server. I have successfully connected to the demo server using the subscription handle handleArray = Client1.SubscribeMultipleMonitoredItems(Arguments) . The actual server however has an username and password and I was trying to figure out how to add this to the subscription information. Is there a reference example or simple way to handle this?

On a second question I am working on the same project but also connecting using the excel addon option and I could not find an example of how to add the username and password to the connection server in excel. Is there a way to connect to a password protected server using the excel addon?

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