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Reading a OPC Structure in s7 1500 with

27 May 2022 12:20 #10916 by support

it is not clear what problem you have. You wrote " the next part gave me error and even cant compill.". Which part? And if it does not compile, what is the error you are getting? (Note that to me, I think it is syntactically correct). If it compiles but does not behave as it should in the runtime, what is the observed behavior, and what is the expected behavior? ( )

When dealing with subscription, "publish" is always enabled. If you want the data, subscribe. If you do not want the data, unsubscribe.

Best regards

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26 May 2022 12:38 - 26 May 2022 16:03 #10907 by GusoXXL
Hello guys, im doing a code to read data from my OPC-UA server in the s7 1500.

The problems is not subscribing to a variable, the problem is subscribing to an structure of variables in the OPC-Server. The structure is similar to this:
1.-A group: Registros procesados
Inside of it we find 4 groups:
2.-Registros_ATV_izq, Registros_ATV_drch, Registros_PM1 and Registros_PM1
Then inside the ATV_izq we can find 40 variables
3.-40 variables

So to be clear, for example the structure to read the data from one variable in the Registros procesados ATV Izq is like this: "ns=3;s=""Registros_procesados"".""Registros_ATV_Izda"".""Counter encoder value"""

So now, i have done a part of code to subscribe to the group instead variable by variable cause this maybe gets some time so i have done this code but right now is not working, any help?
            Dim EndPoint As UAEndpointDescriptor = "opc.tcp://"      'Conexión con el servidor OPC-UA
            Dim Client_OPC = New EasyUAClient()  'Creación del objeto cliente y su conexión
            Dim Attribute_Data As UAAttributeData
            Dim Timestamp As String
            Dim Node_Descriptor As UANodeDescriptor = "ns=3;s=""Registros_procesados"".""Registros_ATV_Izda"""
            Dim NodeElementCollection As UANodeElementCollection
            AddHandler Client_OPC.DataChangeNotification, AddressOf Client_OPC_DataChangeNotification
           NodeElementCollection = Client_OPC.BrowseDataVariables(endpointDescriptor:=EndPoint, nodeDescriptor:="ns=3;s=""Registros_originales"".""valores_ATV_Izda""")
            Dim MonitoredItemArgumentsArray() As EasyUAMonitoredItemArguments = NodeElementCollection.Select(Function(element) New EasyUAMonitoredItemArguments(Nothing, endpointDescriptor:=EndPoint, element)).ToArray()

The part in bold gave me back info about the nodes inside the group but the next part gave me error and even cant compill.
Can you help me?

Pd: also i want to ask how can i set that the publish interval is enable? i know is by defaul enable but any command to set enable or unenable?

Last edit: 26 May 2022 16:03 by support. Reason: code formatting

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