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Cannot connect to OPC UA Server

13 Aug 2020 12:35 #8761 by jkahlert
That sounds logical - we will check it on the industrial server (which may need a few days) and inform you about the results. Thanks in advance for your sensational support!!

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13 Aug 2020 12:24 - 13 Aug 2020 12:25 #8760 by support

the server provides no endpoint that is compatible with the settings you have chosen.
Most likely, you need to change UAMessageSecurityModes_SecuritySign to be UAMessageSecurityModes_Secure (this is a logical OR of UAMessageSecurityModes_SecuritySign and UAMessageSecurityModes_SecuritySignAndEncrypt), because it seems to me that the endpoint with the security policy you have chosen, i.e. ' ', can only use SignAndEncrypt but not Sign.

I understand that in the Integration Objects client, you have selected Sign, and it works. But it is possible that the semantics of that setting is different: in Integratation Objects, it may mean "Sign" or anything that is *more* secure, whereas in QuickOPC you have more granular control, and if you set just one bit, that only that precise security mode is allowed. So, for SignAndEncrypt, you need UAMessageSecurityModes_SecuritySignAndEncrypt, or anything that combines it with some other mode, such as UAMessageSecurityModes_Secure, which allows both Sign and SignAndEncrypt.

For record, using AcceptAnyCertificate := true; should be restricted to testing in secure environments. It is inherently insecure to use it.

I hope this helps.
Last edit: 13 Aug 2020 12:25 by support.

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13 Aug 2020 11:56 #8759 by jkahlert
Thanks for the fast response, this is my DELPHI code:

Client: OpcLabs_EasyOpcUA_TLB._EasyUAClient;
ClientConfiguration: TEasyUAClientConfiguration;
AttributeData: _UAAttributeData;
ClientConfiguration := TEasyUAClientConfiguration.Create(nil);
ClientConfiguration.SharedParameters.EngineParameters.CertificateAcceptancePolicy.AcceptAnyCertificate := true;
ClientConfiguration.AdaptableParameters.SessionParameters.UserIdentity.UserNameTokenInfo.UserName := 'Specialties/H136658';
ClientConfiguration.AdaptableParameters.SessionParameters.UserIdentity.UserNameTokenInfo.Password := '******';
ClientConfiguration.AdaptableParameters.SessionParameters.UserIdentity.X509CertificateTokenInfo.Filename := '';
ClientConfiguration.AdaptableParameters.SessionParameters.UserIdentity.X509CertificateTokenInfo.Password := '';
ClientConfiguration.AdaptableParameters.SessionParameters.EndpointSelectionPolicy.DataEncodingName := 'Binary';
ClientConfiguration.AdaptableParameters.SessionParameters.EndpointSelectionPolicy.AllowedMessageSecurityModes := UAMessageSecurityModes_SecuritySign;
ClientConfiguration.AdaptableParameters.SessionParameters.EndpointSelectionPolicy.securityPolicyUriString := ' ';
Client := CoEasyUAClient.Create;
Result := 0;
Client.Read('opc.tcp//nlrzav224:63500/infoplus21/opcua/server', 'ns=0;i=2258'); // Current time
Result := 1; // no error
on E: Exception do MessageDlg('Could not connect to server!' + #10#13#10#13 + 'Detailed message text:' + #10#13#10#13 +
E.Message, mtError, [mbOK], 0);

The URL is the same as in the first screenshot, i. e. it starts with opc.tcp: as shown in the source code.

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13 Aug 2020 08:31 #8754 by support

can you please post here all the settings you are using? That is, anything in the EasyUAClientConfiguration object, or additional parameters in the UAEndpointDescriptor .

Also, what is the URL you are using to connect to the server? Is it the same as ion the first picture? Does it start with opc.tcp: or http: ?

Thank you

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13 Aug 2020 08:23 - 13 Aug 2020 08:26 #8753 by jkahlert

our OPC UA Client written in DELPHI works fine with different test servers from Softing and Unified Architecture but fails when trying to connect to an industrial server. A test client from Integration Objects can connect using the following parameters (original screenshot from client):

With the same settings in our ClientConfiguration object (AdaptableParameters.SessionParameters....) we get the following error message when trying to connect:

What is going wrong?
Best regards from Germany

Last edit: 13 Aug 2020 08:26 by jkahlert.

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