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SerializationException: OPC.Ua.Core 1.3.342.0 Not Found

09 Jun 2020 15:43 #8558 by support

Have you serialized the UAEventData with the same, or different version of QuickOPC?

Do you know what is inside the UAEventData, in terms of the actual fields? That is, are there just simple types (such as integers, floats, strings), or are there any more complex types such as structures?

Thank you

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09 Jun 2020 15:39 #8557 by goosvanbeek
Hello support,

I'm trying to deserialize an UAEventData object in a webapi service and get an serializationException (Could not load file or assembly 'Opc.Ua.Core, Version=1.3.342.0), see the attachment.

I am not able to find where Opc.Ua.Core Version=1.3.342.0 is referenced. I use NuGet for the project references.

Windows 2012
QuickOPC (NuGet)
OPC Unified Architecture .NET Standard 1.4.360.0 (NuGet)
private static UAEventData GetUaEventDataFromByteArray(byte[] input){
                var bf = new BinaryFormatter();
                using(var stream = new MemoryStream(input)){
                    return (UAEventData)bf.Deserialize(stream);
            catch(Exception exception){
            return null;

Deserializing an UAAttributeData object has no issues.

Can you help me any further?

Best regards,
Goos van Beek

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