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write tag error MX OPC Server 6.01

09 Jan 2012 18:01 #742 by support
as you probably understand, this is most likely a problem in the OPC Server; but we might be able to provide a workaround; sometimes we put a special code into the component to get around incompatibilities of certain servers.
Before we can be sure and decide to go this way, we need to know precisely what is happening. I can send you a special application (OPC Analyzer) that will capture the communications between the OPC client and OPC server. Will you be willing to perform the tests with the analyzer, and send us the results?
For items that only have Write access, have you verified that reading from them also helps to resolve the problem? Because, if it doesn't, there may be no fix for them.
Also, can you please send us the ProgID and CLSID of the Mitsubishi MX OPC Server.
Our records indicate that you have license for versions 5.0x; we are currently selling 5.1x, and a paid upgrade would be needed, however.

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09 Jan 2012 10:15 #741 by majin

Good day,
I have recently upgraded my Mitsubishi MX OPC Server from version 4.20 to 6.01. I am trying to write to a tag using your component. However I keep getting an exception. What I have discovered is that I will continually get this error if I try and right to the tag. However as soon as I have done a ‘ReadItem’ on the specific tag I am then able to write to it.
In other words I can only write to a tag when I have first read the item at least once. The previous version of the MX OPC Server did not exhibit this behaviour. As you can appreciate I have hundreds of tags in my .NET application and feel it would be crazy to change the software to implement a read on every item I require to write to. In conjunction with the fact that some of the items are meant to have ‘ Write’ access only you can see my dilemma.
I have attached a screenshot indicating quickOPC version from your Demo app and the error description
Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and I look forward to your urgent response!
P.S I have bought and installed a license from you - M & M Systems Automation CC.
Kind Regards,

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