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how to clear the queue overflow error

26 Apr 2018 01:16 #6263 by SENTHILKUMAR
how to clear the queue overflow error?

we are getting the below error

-1073430509 - Read not completed. This error indicates that it could not be verified that the requested read operation was completed during the timeout period. It is possible that the read operation will actually succeed or fail, but later. Increase the timeout period if you want to obtain positive or negative indication of the operation outcome. Other reason for this error may be that under heavy loads, topic request or response queue is overflowing. Check the event log for queue overflow errors (if event logging is supported by the product and enabled).

we are setting below parameters for the polling.

EasyDAClient.SharedParameters.TopicParameters.SlowdownWeight = 0.0f;
EasyDAClient.SharedParameters.TopicParameters.SpeedupWeight = 0.0f;
easyOPCClient = new EasyDAClient();
easyOPCClient.Isolated = true;
easyOPCClient.InstanceParameters.Timeouts.ReadItem = 30000;//set 30 seconds timeout for read item
easyOPCClient.InstanceParameters.Mode.AllowAsynchronousMethod = false;
easyOPCClient.InstanceParameters.UpdateRates.ReadAutomatic = Timeout.Infinite;
easyOPCClient.InstanceParameters.UpdateRates.WriteAutomatic = Timeout.Infinite;
EasyDAClient.SharedParameters.ClientParameters.UseCustomSecurity = false;

already we increased read time timeout 30 seconds. even though we are getting above mentioned error. please share us the solution how to resolve the issue.

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