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ClientMode.Datasource & DesiredvalueAge

18 Apr 2015 14:16 #3053 by support
Hi, here it is:
            var _ReadParam = new DAReadParameters(DADataSource.ByValueAge, m_ValueAge);
            // Reading a single item
            DAVtq vtq = client.ReadItem("myServer", "myItem", _ReadParam);
            // Reading multiple items
            DAVtqResult[] resultArray = client.ReadMultipleItems(new[]
                new DAReadItemArguments("myServer1", "myItem1", _ReadParam),
                new DAReadItemArguments("myServer2", "myItem2", _ReadParam)

Read parameters do not apply to writing (neither did the corresponding parameters apply to Write-s in previous versions).

Best regards
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18 Apr 2015 08:24 - 18 Apr 2015 14:19 #3052 by philgerm

I translate a code from 5.1 to 5.23 version.

How I use my _ReadParam variable for reading simple item, multipleitems or writing operations ?
//!! 5.1 
// m_ClientOPC.ClientMode.DataSource = OpcLabs.EasyOpc.DataAccess.DADataSource.ByValueAge;
// m_ClientOPC.ClientMode.DesiredValueAge = m_ValueAge;
//!! 5.2 
 _ReadParam = new DAReadParameters(DADataSource.ByValueAge, m_ValueAge);
Thanks in advance.
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