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Write Not Completed error when writing with the OPC Web Client.

03 Feb 2015 11:16 #2676 by support
We have recently achieved a reproducible case for errors "Write not completed..." or "Read not completed...", and are working on a fix - at least for this case. It could be the same reason as yours. The fix (for version 5.32) should be available in a matter of days. It is also possible, however, that the cause in your case is different.

Regarding the "nulls" from reads - please describe what precisely is null. If, in the result object, you refer to a .Vtq property, then it is always null when .Exception property of the result object is not null. In that case, the cause of the problem is in the .Exception, and it should be examined first.

Best regards

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02 Feb 2015 21:15 - 02 Feb 2015 21:36 #2671 by giles
I am getting the same error as this guy has .

However the settings they suggest are the defaults which I already have.

I will play with others in the factory tomorrow + look at the opc server diagnostics but wanted to flag this now.

I also sometimes get nulls from reads - I suspect this may be the same error and if so will report

I am using the kepware server talking to allen bradley ethernet
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