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Checking if node exists on server

16 Aug 2019 09:39 #7631 by support
First, as a note, I am not sure that what you refer to as "browse path" is an actual OPC UA browse path - that term has its specific meaning. Browse paths includes a starting node, and a sequence of browse names and references. See e.g. . I think you are probabling referring to an OPC UA node ID with a string identifier that "looks" similar to some kind of browse path.

To the question: You can read an attribute of a node to see if it exists, and check for errors. You should read an attribute that *all* nodes have - I suggest, the UAAttributeId.NodeClass. If you get an exception, you need to test whether it represent a non-exist node, or some other kind of error. To do, you can use the following method:

        static private bool IndicatesNonExistentNode(Exception exception)
            switch (exception)
                case UAStatusCodeException statusCodeException 
                        // The syntax of the node id is not valid.
                        (statusCodeException.StatusCode.CodeBits == UACodeBits.BadNodeIdInvalid) ||
                        // The node id refers to a node that does not exist in the Server address space.
                        (statusCodeException.StatusCode.CodeBits == UACodeBits.BadNodeIdUnknown):
                case UAServiceException serviceException 
                    when (serviceException.ServiceResult == UACodeBits.BadNoMatch):
                    return true;
                    return false;
Note that if the read is done using one of the multiple-operand methods, the exception I am talking about is in the .Exception property of the ValueResult object returned. If you have used a single -operand method, it would throw, and the exception I am talking about will be the .InnerException of the UAException thrown.

We plan to expose a "helper method" to perform such checking in future QuickOPC version.

Best regards

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15 Aug 2019 12:55 #7628 by gtan14
Is there a way to see if a node exists given a browse path such as this - Data Type Examples.16 Bit Device.R Registers.Double2? QuickOPC for DA has a method ReadItem() where I can pass in the machine, server and itemid, and for the item id, I'm just passing in that browse path. Does UA have something similar?

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