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Accommodate IOPCSecurityPrivate Interface in OPC DA Server

25 May 2022 13:51 #10892 by gkalipershad

Thank you. We will evaluate the requirement further with the user and contact you by email once we know more.


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25 May 2022 07:49 #10889 by support

the IOPCSecurityPrivate interface is defined in an optional, separate specification, "OPC Security Custom Interface". It is not that widely used, and there is currently no support for it in QuickOPC.

Please contact me by email if there is a pressure to support it, in order to discuss what it would involve.

Best regards

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24 May 2022 19:49 #10887 by gkalipershad
Hello Z,

We have an OEM user that has customers with OPC DA Servers that support the IOPCSecurityPrivate Interface. They were reaching out to see how to accommodate this from the OPC Data Client toolkit. I am sure there must be a way to pass the private credentials to the server. I was hoping there was an example of this, or some documentation we could pass along. After spending some time looking through the User Guide, Wiki, Forums, etc., we thought we would just ask.


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