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OPCLabs version 5.35: BrowseServers() does not throw exception

29 Sep 2021 17:02 #10241 by support

version upgrades generally get discount of 50% of the current license price. Please contact me at sales09 (at) if you want to discuss details.

Best regards

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29 Sep 2021 11:08 #10239 by
Hi Support,

Yes, you are right. I have used QuickOPC version 2021.2 demo version and its working on Windows 10 with latest upgrade of Microsoft.

Next question about license purchase: We have purchased on year 2016 for QuickOPC 5.35 Ultimate , single developer license. As I understood now we have to purchase a new license for QuickOPC 2021.2.

Do I receive any discount for version upgrade? If possible please provide me email address to whom I can contact.


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22 May 2021 09:02 #9691 by support
we have seen issues with QuickOPC 5.35 on Windows 10 version 2004 or later ( ). You can try the workaround described here:

If that does not help, test with a newer QuickOPC version, and consider a version upgrade.

Best regards

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21 May 2021 11:43 - 22 May 2021 08:57 #9690 by
Hello Support,

Since 2015 we are using QuickOPC5.35 with WCF based C# tool to browse and configure OPC DA server. Recently we have received a complained about our customer that application does not work on windows 10 machine.

After further investigation and with the help of below program I figure it out that BrowseServers() method from EasyDAClient failed and does not throw any exception. Windows event viewer always raised 'Application Error' (see attachment)
static void Main(string[] args)
            var opcClient = new EasyDAClient();
            ServerElementCollection serverElements;
                Console.WriteLine("Trying to browse..");
                [color=blue]serverElements = opcClient.BrowseServers(String.Empty);[/color]
			catch (Exception e)
                Console.WriteLine("*** Failure: {0}", e.GetBaseException().Message);
            foreach (ServerElement serverElement in serverElements)
Could you please help me how to overcome this situation?

Thanks in advance.

With regards,
Sachin Mehta
Last edit: 22 May 2021 08:57 by support.

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