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Determining if a tag is a hardware tag or virtaul Tag Kepware OPC

07 May 2018 11:54 #6305 by support

To a generic OPC Client that uses standard OPC interfaces, all servers "look the same". What you are describing would be something specific to Kepware; there is no standard way in OPC specifications to distinguish between hardware and memory tags.

If the distinction can be made from OPC item ID (the tag name), then you can certainly do it, just by testing the string of Item ID.

You may also address this question to Kepware - in fact, that's where it would be more appropriate. If the information is available through OPC at all, then with 99.9% probability it is also available through our QuickOPC - but the server side must be able to tell how...

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07 May 2018 11:15 #6304 by georgem

I am trying to determine if a tag is a hardware tag or just a general memory tag using KEPWARE OPC. If I export a CSV file from KEPWARE there is a specific identifier for these tags as seen below


In this case the colon shows this.

Is there a way to return this using this tool.


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