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Calling Dispose() on AEClient and then re-instantiate AEClient

23 Oct 2019 16:39 #7865 by support

before I answer your questions, one question for my side.
Are you keeping the EasyAEClient.Isolated property at its default value? (false).

I am not saying you should or should not do it. I am asking to make my answering easier, because it depends on it.

Best regards

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23 Oct 2019 15:33 #7861 by fancybird
Hello ... countless thanks for the great product. One question, please ... out of curiosity ...

We usually keep track of all objects that implements IDisposable ... and instill the discipline to call Dispose() on them as needed ... especially when using() {} is not an option.

Through the past few months of usage, we are getting the impression that AEClient is not designed to be disposed and re-instantiated. This seems to be true for both DA and AE use. Neither DA nor AE would work properly (or at all) if we disposed then re-create another instance of AEClient.

#1. Is it a bad idea to dispose and re-create instances of AEClient?

#2. Should there be only one instance of AEClient per process?

#3. Is it OK to create multiple AEClients within a process ... but each AEClient on a separate thread?

Thank you. Thank you.

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