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Require help in using the EasyAEClient

01 Sep 2014 10:29 #2204 by support
The most likely reason: The error message indicates that the OPC Server given by the ProgID you use ("OPC.Siemens.XML.1") does not support OPC Alarms&Events.

There are now basically two possibilities:

1. It might be that your OPC server software actually DOES support OPC Alarms&Events, but under a different ProgID. This would be quite common. Please search your OPC Server documentation for the proper ProgID, OR use the EasyAEClient.BrowseServers method to obtain a list of all OPC A&E servers on the computer, and then go from there.

2. Or, the OPC server might not support OPC A&E at all.

Best regards
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01 Sep 2014 09:15 - 01 Sep 2014 09:16 #2203 by Vishweshwar_Kapse

I am interested to Listen to events from the server.
I am able to read tag values using the EasyDAClient So I know that the OPC server is running fine and the connection between the client and the server is fine

I am interested to learn to Handle events that are triggered by the server. So I have tried doing this.

OpcLabs.EasyOpc.AlarmsAndEvents.EasyAEClient client = new OpcLabs.EasyOpc.AlarmsAndEvents.EasyAEClient();
client.SubscribeEvents("W7VM", "OPC.Siemens.XML.1", 1, (sender, evnentArgs) =>

But I keep getting the error stating that "{[12585994] *** System.InvalidCastException: No such interface supported };" Which means that the call back function is triggering but there is something that I am missing.

FYI.. I have Configured an Alarm in the WinCC server

Can someone please teach me as to how I can use the EasyAEClient to handle events that are triggered by the server.
Last edit: 01 Sep 2014 09:16 by Vishweshwar_Kapse.

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