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A&E Examples

28 Jan 2014 08:06 #1690 by support
Replied by support on topic A&E Examples
If you mean something similar to the EasyOpcNetDemo application, then its A&E counterpart has never existed before.

For A&E, example code is available for specific individual methods/objects, and they are all in the main Examples solution, under Console\DocExmaples. They are:
  • SWToolbox.TOPServer_AE.Main.cs
  • _AEAttributeElement.Properties.Main.cs
  • _AECategoryElement.Properties.Main.cs
  • _AEConditionElement.Properties.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.AcknowledgeCondition.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.BrowseAreas.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.BrowseServers.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.BrowseSources.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.ChangeEventSubscription.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.CreateSubscriptionFilter.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.GetConditionState.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.MultipleNotifications.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.QueryEventCategories.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.QuerySourceConditions.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.RefreshEventSubscription.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.SubscribeEvents.CallbackLambda.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.SubscribeEvents.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.UnsubscribeAllEvents.Main.cs
  • _EasyAEClient.UnsubscribeEvents.Main.cs
  • _EasyAENotificationEventArgs.AttributeValues.Main.cs

In addition, there are following projects in the Examples solution that deal with A&E:
  • Console\ConsoleEvents
  • Console\XmlEventLogger

Plus some examples for Reactive Programming and for StreamInsight.

It is true that currently, the amount/scope/level of examples that are available for OPC A&E is not as great as for OPC-DA. If a specific example is needed, I can fill in the gap and then make it part of the standard set - just let me know.

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28 Jan 2014 07:53 #1689 by support
A&E Examples was created by support
I have not been able to find your A&E example application. Did you remove it from the most recent install? If so, do you have a version that I can use to test with? I am trying to troubleshoot some A&E notification issues.

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