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Any WinForm Examples?

26 Jul 2019 12:08 #7575 by gkalipershad
Replied by gkalipershad on topic Any WinForm Examples?
Sounds good. Thanks!

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26 Jul 2019 07:37 #7569 by support
Replied by support on topic Any WinForm Examples?
Hello G.

Live Mapping is completely independent of the type of the .NET hosting environment. It is just "code", with no dependencies to user interface, Web etc. Same as the methods calls on EasyXXClient objects and so on. This is as opposed to Live Binding, which is tied to specific technology, as is for WinForms and WPF only, currently.

So, it would really make no sense to give any WinForms examples of Live Mapping, because the code that concerns Live Mapping would be *precisely* the same as in Console app, in WPF, in Web app, Web service, etc. The customer just needs to copy the code from the console app into his/her project. It looks more like a misunderstanding.

Best regards

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25 Jul 2019 20:15 #7566 by gkalipershad
I have a customer that is testing with LiveMapping. We have the Console app that installs with the toolkit, but they are requesting a WinForms sample application that displays LiveMapping. Specifically one that can write a value to an OPC DA Server. I wanted to see if you had anything before I attempted to write my own.


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